Sound Dampening

Car Sound Deadening material is used to reduce noise caused by vibrations. Dynamat is an example.

Ensolite Liner is used to reduce noise from sound waves.

Common Problems

Road Noise

Road noise is louder on lifted vehicles with larger tires

Rattling Bass

Trunk kits will help with sheet metal rattle and better insulation

Muffled Sound

Loud music and sound can cause more vibration throughout the vehicle

Sound Dampening 1

Fix and repair

Install car sound dampening materials including ensolite foam to reduce vibrations and sounds.

Car sound deadening materials can be installed to the entire interior, including floor, ceiling, doors, firewall.

Keep Sound Out

What We Do

Firewall panels

Door panels

Floor panels


Reduce Noise

Reduce heat

MUST for restorations

Keep Sound In

What We Do

Trunk panels

Door and fender panels

Roof panels

Retains sound

Removes shakes and rattles

Now that you’ve fixed your car’s noise problem, make sure you can see what’s ahead.