Headliners, Sunroofs & Carpet

Professional Repair

Headliner Repair

Headliner sagging is a very typical issue

  • Headliner “material” consists of a very thin fabric material bonded to a ⅛” thick foam
  • The material is bonded to the headliner “board” that is fitted to the ceiling/roof of the vehicle

Common Problems

  1. The foam between the board and the fabric will deteriorate due to age and extreme heat, causing the fabric to “drop” or “sag”
  2. Rips or cuts from boxes or other items in vehicle
    • staining
    • burn holes from smoking
    • “pillars” can have the same issues

Headliner Repair

  • Best fix: Replace the headliner material involves removing the old material, foam, and adhesive from the factory board; then reapplying NEW headliner material
  • Spot repair for some small damage like burn holes, and small tears is possible


Keeping Ceramic or IR tint/window film on all the glass including the windshield will help keep the vehicle cooler, helping to protect your headliner from premature failure.


Using a premium “suede” material like on many higher-end vehicles

Sound/Heat Dampening added to the roof will help with road noise, vehicle vibrations and heat.

Can I just glue it?

Headliners, Sunroofs & Carpet 1

The short answer is ‘no’.

The proper way to repair these fallen headliners is to remove all of the interior trim supporting the shell that the material was attached to and remove the shell from the vehicle. Then we would remove the old material and clean off the rotten foam from the surface of the shell.

Once the shell is clean, we glue fresh high quality OEM colored foam backed material back onto the shell with high quality, industrial spray-grade glue.

After the freshly glued headliner is dry, the recovered shell is then reinstalled back into vehicle and the supporting trim panels are put back into place, giving the headliner a brand new look.

A fresh headliner makes every vehicle look better or
consider upgrading to suede used in high-end vehicles

Headliners, Sunroofs & Carpet 2

Repair with a Sunroof

We see many vehicles that have sunroofs that need to be maintained, but is often overlooked by owners. The tracks need regular lubrication and cleaning to ensure long lasting operation, as well as the drain tubes need to be cleared to prevent leaks into the vehicle.

If a repair is needed, the proper way to service the sunroof is when the shell is out of the car (because you have to remove the shell to service the sunroof sooner or later anyway).

Carpet Repair

Common Problems

The carpet in your vehicle can become discolored, stained and worn out over time, due to many factors.


Carpet Refresh or Repair


We have steam cleaning and stain removal services that can do a lot to restore the carpet.


When deep cleaning just won’t do the trick, we can replace it using two different options:either way we will discuss with you the pros and cons to each.

Option #1

Replace with a OE / Factory Carpet

Option #2

Replace with a molded aftermarket option


As an option when replacing the carpet, it’s a great time to add sound/heat dampening to the floor board.

Marine Carpet & Upholstery

Headliners, Sunroofs & Carpet 3

We live in lake country, and at Ai Autoworks we’ve developed a very positive reputation for our work in marine carpet.

Boats are often in need of repairs or replacement of their carpet and upholstery. Let us help you solve those problems.

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