Dashes & Steering Wheels

Dashes and steering wheels fit into two basic types: molded and wrapped. The type you have installed in your vehicle will decide your repair and upgrade options. 

Types of Dashes

Molded Dash

Typically made without seams

Wrapped Dash

Vinyl or leather, with seams

Problem for leather wrapped dashes

A leather dash (especially unprotected) has a tendency to harden and shrink back because of UV rays and heat

Problem for Molded Dashes

Heat can cause the dash pad to “curl up” or peel back from the “frame structure” of the dash.

Dashboard Repairs

Fix for Leather Covered Dashes

The repair involves removing the needed components of the dashboard, removing the old damaged materials and recovering with new leather.

Fix for Molded Dashes

Re-adhere the foam and vinyl back down.

Possible fix for any dash

Install a molded dash cover over the existing damaged dashboard.

What is Thermo Vacuuming Forming?

Dashes & Steering Wheels 1

Thermo Vacuum Forming is the process manufacturers use to create the seamless dashboard in most vehicles. It removes all of the air between the foam injected dash and the vinyl or leather exterior to create a clean and perfectly fit dash.

Because of this process, repairing usually requires covering or replacing with a leather wrapped dash.

Dashes & Steering Wheels 2


Interior protection

Ceramic coatings on the dash – will help protect from UV damage.

Windshield tinting

Protect your dash and other parts from UV and HEAT

Dashes & Steering Wheels 3

Upgrade to Leather

We can customize with different materials such as suede or different color leathers.

Steering Wheel

Types of Steering Wheels

Rubber Wheel

Leather Wrapped Wheel

Wear & Tear

Your steering wheel is the most-touched part of your vehicle, so it is often the first place your experience wear or damage.

Leather-wrapped steering wheels are notorious for showing your hand positions and experiencing small cuts and gouges.

Repair Options

Fix for Leather Steering Wheels with scratches or wear

Minor wear, discoloration, and even scratches can be repaired and refinished without replacing the leather

Fix for Leather Stearing Wheels that have major wear

Option 1 : Remove bad leather and restitch / re-wrap the wheel to look like a new factory wheel

Option 2 : Cover over the existing wheel with a new leather steering wheel wrap.

Dashes & Steering Wheels 4
Dashes & Steering Wheels 5


Interior protection will help protect from UV damage.

Windshield tinting will also protect your steering wheel and other parts from UV and HEAT


If the leather is beyond repair or you’re interested in a new look and feel for your steering wheel, we’re extremely well qualified to do that, too. 

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