Convertible Tops

Convertible Top Repair & Convertible Top Replacement

Convertibles have an appeal that anyone can appreciate, but they also bring a number of potential issues. Over time, convertible tops can lose their alignment and begin to wear.

If this isn’t fixed early it can cause major issues. 

Common Problems

Due to age and environmental issues and mechanical issues:

  • Windows will come unbonded
  • Seams will split,
  • Vinyl or cloth can dry-out, leading to cracks
  • Premature wear spots
  • Mechanical failure

Repairs & Replacement

  • Order and replace the convertible top
  • Minor cuts/wear spots can be patched
  • In SOME cases, windows can be bonded back in


Beyond regularly cleaning, convertible top protection can be applied to block harmful UV rays and to help keep the material cleaner and more supple.


Year Warranty

Most of our tops come with a 6 year warranty. In the case of warranty issue, and when purchased through our shop, we handle the entire process so your not stuck dealing with the top manufacturer.

If water leaked in through your broken convertible top, we can help!


Convertible top going on this mustang! #upholstery #convertibletop ...

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