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Austin’s Exclusive Installer of Icon Rocklear

75x stronger than Ceramics

UV/Fading Protection

Lifetime Warranty Available

25x Thicker Layer

30% More Gloss

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What Does ICON ROCKLEAR Protect Me From?

Icon Rocklear is the most cutting edge surface protection technology in the world today that’s 75x Stronger than other coatings. The only coating to achieve sheer strength, brilliance and depth correction capabilities – Making it the world’s best all in one system.

Whether you have a new or pre-owned car or boat in Austin, Icon Rocklear is the most depth efficient coating on the market today, engineered to stand up to any and all climates and conditions worldwide. By adding up to 1-2 mils of infused depth, Icon Rocklear guarantees the thickest, deepest, most protected shine the industry can offer. Certified Icon Rocklear technicians can achieve a 2.5 mil or 63 micron depth in a single application, making it 35+ times thicker than a Ceramic or Graphene Coating.

And this protection for your car or boat is also backed up by up to a lifetime warranty against defects.

75x Stronger
Rocklear vs Ceramic
Test Data

75x Stronger

25x Thicker

30% More Gloss

Rocklear is 75 times stronger due to the 9H hardness and the thickness of the coating. 25 times thicker than professionally installed ceramic coatings. Rocklear is roughly 1-2 mils (25-50 microns) in thickness compared to ceramic's 1-2 microns of thickness.

Icon Rocklear 2

Rocklear vs Ceramic


  • Icon doesn't require paint correction
  • Icon “fills in” the clear coat scratches with the new coating, eliminating the need for paint correction in most cases.
  • Eliminates the need to “remove” clearcoat in the paint correction process. Anytime you paint correct or polish, you are removing thickness from the factory clear coat.
  • No annual Maintenance Required
  • Does NOT require any annual maintenance because its strength isn't in its hydrophobic properties


  • When ceramic is applied, paint correction is highly recommended and necessary if there are swirls or scratches, otherwise the ceramic coating will HIGHLIGHT the imperfections.
  • Most ceramic coatings require an “annual maintenance” (cost of $200/yr) where we will reapply a top coat layer to keep it hydrophobic, and to keep the warranty valid. If a ceramic coating loses its hydrophobic properties, it will deteriorate fast. It relies on this to keep the contaminates off of the surface.
Upfront Cost
Maintenance Required
Annual Inspections
Color Enhancements / Gloss
Scratch Resistance
Icon Rocklear
Yes, depends on Brand
Yes, depends on Brand

Accelerated Testing Data

Impact Resistance

    • 50% more impact resistant than Ceramic
    • Lab tested using ASTM D-2794. Impact resistance at 120 in. Ibs.
    • (Premium Professional Ceramics) tested at 80 in. Ibs

Salt Spray Testing

    • 3x More longevity in salty/humid environments
    • ASTM B117 Withstood 1000 hours with no visible change
    • (Premium Professional Ceramics) withstood 350 hours

Adhesion Testing

    • ASTM D4541 Aluminum was epoxied to the coated surface and pulled off to test adhesion. It took 540psi to separate the car paint from the metal. The coating did not separate from the car paint.
    • (Premium Professional Ceramics) uses ASTM D3359 which tests for adhesion using tape.

Mandrel Bend Test

    • ASTM D522 A ⅛ in Bend at 180 degrees was made in the coated panel with no cracking.
    • (Premium Professional Ceramics) passed the same test

UV Weathering

    • ASTM D4587  No change in appearance after 1000 hours of extreme UV and condensation exposure

Solvent Resistance Testing

    • ASTM D4752  MEK was used on a cotton cloth, wrapped around a ball peen hammer and “double rubbed” onto the coated surface. Slight burnished mark was visible after 50 “double rubs”. The same test was completed without MEK, with no visual marks after 50 double rubs.

Scratch Test was completed (non standard test)

    • A key was rubbed against a 50/50 coated panel. The scratch was started on the non coated area, then to the coated area. The key left a very clear scratch on the non coated area, but the scratch left on the coated area could barely be seen.

Icon Rocklear History

The development team, with a history in coating science since 2012, has consistently provided coatings superior to those of their competitors. However, the emergence of ceramic coatings and robust sealants highlighted a need for significant improvement to maintain a competitive edge.

They resolved to embark on a venture of total commitment, exploring entirely new avenues and researching optimal materials to develop an innovative coating system.

In 2016, Icon Rocklear introduced its initial prototype. Immediate field testing was initiated on over 100 vehicles in one of the most climatically diverse regions on the planet, where temperatures fluctuate between -58°C(-72°F) and 45°C(113°F). The area’s road conditions are exceptionally challenging, featuring gravel, ice, sleet, heavy rain, and intense UV, among others.

Icon Rocklear demonstrated formidable protection in these extreme conditions without any failures. Nonetheless, it was crucial to secure the future of this extraordinary coating system to ensure continued reliability.

Subsequent accelerated lab data testing of Icon Rocklear yielded impressive results, providing undeniable evidence of its ability to offer comprehensive protection against various hazards for an extended period. This confirmed the system’s capability to provide peace of mind through its protective qualities.

Paint correction

icon rocklear, rocklear, rocklear coating
rocklear eliminates the need for traditional paint correction.

Icon Rocklear is a groundbreaking surface protection technology that stands out for its unparalleled strength, brilliance, and depth correction capabilities. With its unique chemistry, Icon Rocklear provides a rock-like bond, ensuring the best long-term protection available today. Icon Rocklear is unequalled in its brilliance and clarity, making it the world’s premier all-in-one system.

It offers a 97% reflective quality over an 85° angle, surpassing any other coating on the market. Icon Rocklear’s brilliance is 30% greater than any Ceramic or Graphene coating can achieve, even with multiple layers. This exceptional clarity sets Icon Rocklear apart from its competitors. Icon Rocklear’s brilliance is truly unmatched, making it the ultimate choice for automotive surface protection.

Furthermore, in a single layer, Icon Rocklear boasts the unrivaled ability to renew and correct finishes without the need to reduce the clear or gel coat. This means that issues like scratches, hard water spots, chemical damage, and more can be addressed effectively, while also enhancing the color depth and gloss of the finish. Whether it’s for automotive, aviation, marine, or heavy-duty applications, Icon Rocklear promises scientifically tested protection that lasts.

how does icon rocklear compare to other coatings?

Offering 100% scratch resistance and UV protection, Icon Rocklear enhances the durability of your vehicle’s exterior, including the paintwork. It acts as a liquid paint protection film, increasing resistance to impacts, scratches, defects, discrepancies, and stains. With professional installation required, it guarantees the highest quality application.

Unlike other coatings, Icon Rocklear allows for paint protection films and vinyl wraps to adhere on top, ensuring both customization and protection. It is the definitive choice over Paint Protection Film and ceramic coatings.

Unlike ceramics which require weekly maintenance, toppers, and yearly recoat costs, Icon Rocklear demands no mandatory maintenance and has zero yearly recoat costs.

icon rocklear, rocklear coating, rocklear

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