Overspray Removal

We are specialists in overspray removal of many different contaminants such as:

Latex and Enamel Paint


Wood Stain


Spray Paint / Vandalism

Our Process

  1. Visible inspection accompanied by a testing phase will allow us to determine the approximate amount of time needed to complete the process.
  1. Due to some types of contaminants that etch their way into the clear coating, a compound and polish is sometimes necessary to ultimately correct the problem.

What is Overspray?

Contamination and Paint Overspray is any particulate that sits on top of the clear coat and other surface panels that cannot be easily washed off of the vehicle.  As a result, there is usually a rough, gritty to the touch texture on the vehicle’s surface.

Some overspray, like fire soot and chemical fallout, settle very low on the clear coat and will seep into pores of the finish which would require a deep polish using our proprietary releasing agents to repair the vehicle.

How Does Overspray Happen?

The most common occurrence is when companies are using paint spray rigs or even paint rollers on windy days.  Indoor paint booths and metal foundries having a default in their filters leading outdoors therefore leading to fallout on vehicles.  

Chemical and petroleum plant stacks occasionally have blowouts which as a result leave many neighboring businesses and residents with fallout damages.  

Construction projects can cause overspray in numerous ways. Wet cement, road paint, and fresh asphalt/tar are some of the most noteworthy.

Does overspray removal harm the vehicle’s finish?

Our non-abrasive overspray removal process will not harm the vehicle’s finish in any way. In most every case the vehicle will look better than before the overspray incident occurred.

How much does overspray removal cost?

The cost to remove overspray from one vehicle varies depending on type of overspray, vehicle size, location, and also the number of vehicles affected.

How much does overspray removal cost?

Our process is manufacturer approved and dealership recommended.  Our overspray removal process removes only the contaminant. Above all, the integrity of the clear coat remains fully intact.

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