Headlight Restoration

Factory Headlights

Modern day factory headlights are usually made from plastic, and this plastic is protected with a clear coat to help slow down the effects of the plastic’s aging. However, that clear coat doesn’t last forever. Austin’s sun and road systems are very rough on vehicles. Let us help you get your headlights back to new with our auto headlight restoration services.


Cloudy, foggy or yellowing headlights have become commonplace today. They aren’t just ugly, they present many safety issues for any driver while driving at night.


  1. Oxidation is the leading cause of discolored headlight covers. It happens when the chemicals in plastic react with the oxygen in the air, and this leads to the degradation of the headlight covers. Ultraviolet B light (UVB) is the part of sunlight that gives you a sunburn. It has a similar effect on plastics, damaging the plastic’s structure and making them brittle.
  2. Dirt and Chemicals can build up on the surface and eventually etch into the polycarbonate lens.
  3. Road Damage can create small pitting and scratches.


  1. DIY – There are hundreds of DIY kits on the market that usually lead to a subpar result or a bigger problem, with some sort of coating peeling off the surface after a short time.
  2. Oxidation removal and polish
    Physically removing the oxidation from the outside surface of the lens involves a mixture of scrub pads, sand papers, and cleaners. Knowing when the oxidation is gone is very important, because removing more surface than necessary can result in damage to the lenses.

    High speed polishing with compounds made for plastics will remove all traces of dullness.


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After restoring your headlights, look into our Paint Protection Film to protect the entire front end of your vehicle.