We Specialize in Boat Interiors

Just like cars, boat interiors can face extreme weather conditions like sun and moisture that cause the upholstery to crack, erode, and even fade away. In fact, your boat’s interior and upholstery will usually be the first thing to fall apart, so maintaining your boat upholstery often will extend the years of enjoyment and worth of your marine vehicle. Because replacement of boat upholstery can be physically hard, you can count on Ai Autoworks to do the dirty work in a professional manner. The boat upholstery materials used by Ai Autoworks are water resistant and can withstand exposure to moisture without getting damaged.

This feature makes them ideal for marine environments where boats are constantly exposed to water. Additionally, these materials are also mold and mildew resistant, ensuring that they remain in good condition even in damp conditions. Ai AutoWorks ensures that all their boat upholstery materials meet or exceed market standards for durability, colorfastness, cleanability, and comfort. Enclosures, such as boat covers, curtains, and dodgers, are also available to protect your boat’s interior from the elements and enhance its longevity.

Ai Autoworks has extensive experience in boat restoration providing boat upholstery repair, auto detailing, protective coating, bimini cover replacements, snap-in boat carpets, and more. Whether you have a pontoon or speedboat, we can replace your boat seats and match your original upholstery with the same colors as the factory. Get started by filling out the form below, and a representative from Ai AutoWorks will respond to you shortly. Ai AutoWorks proudly services the Round Rock and greater Austin area.

Boat Repair Services

Our highly trained Ai Autoworks technicians can repair or upgrade every part of your boat’s interior.

Boat bimini cover replacement

Custom BoAT Covers

Boat interior replacement

Boat Upholstery Fabric

Boat Seat Repair

Boat Vinyl Repair


Snap-in Boat Carpets

Boat Detailing Services

Boat Protective Coating

Boat Polishing

Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 1

BOAT Upholstery Repair & Restoration

We can repair damaged boat interior materials, or replace/restore your old, worn out materials to brand new, clean interior material.

Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 2

Custom Boat Covers / Biminis COVER REPLACEMENT

Our technicians have years of experience creating custom boat covers and replacing Biminis boat covers of all types and all sizes.

Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 3

Detailing and BOAT Protective Coatings

Not only can we detail your boat to make it look new again, we can also treat the boat with our ceramic pro protective coating, preventing damage.

Marine Upholstery Repair

Ai Autoworks provides full service boat upholstery repair and replacement services, including marine fabricators. We can help you restore your boat to look like new. Our professional installers will work with you to customize your selections to maximize quality, protect against weather conditions, and improve the value of your boat’s seating. With a strong focus on customer service, our boat restoration services include using new wood and foam to rebuild your seats, ensuring they are comfortable and durable.

  • Snap-in carpet replacement
  • Cabin interior repairs and replacement
  • Cover replacement
  • Seat cushion replacement
  • Custom boat cushions
  • Cabin interior detailing and repair.



    Complete Protective Coating for the Marine Industry

    Ceramic Pro Marine is the world’s first preventative maintenance product line specially designed for professionals. The specialized application enables trained and certified professional installers such as Ai Autoworks to apply Ceramic Pro Marine to all surfaces on your boat.

    Ceramic Pro offers protection for both the underwater and above water parts of any boat or marine vehicle.  This durable coating is resistant to solvents, UV rays, corrosion created by salt water, and harsh weather conditions. 

    Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 4
    Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 5
    Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 6


    Ceramic Pro Marine utilizes a revolutionary blend of UV Inhibiting minerals to protect your vessel from the the harshest sun rays on the planet.

    Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 7


    Ceramic Pro Marine is a layerable product that starts with a penetrating foundation that can built up creating a protective layer that seals your gelcoat.

    Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 8


    Ceramic Pro Marine reduces the surface tension of your gelcoat preventing algae from planting roots into the pores of your gelcoat making growth very easy to remove.

    Boat Upholstery & Interior Repairs 9


    Ceramic Pro Marine’s protective layer reduces the surface tension of surfaces allowing bird droppings, fish blood, oil and other grime to be easily washed away.

    What materials are commonly used for boat upholstery?

    Common materials used for boat upholstery include marine-grade vinyl, Sunbrella fabric, and synthetic leather. These materials are chosen for their durability, water resistance, and ability to withstand harsh marine conditions.

    How do you choose the best upholstery fabric for your boat?

    When choosing upholstery fabric for your boat, it’s important to consider durability, resistance to water and UV rays, and ease of cleaning. Look for marine-grade upholstery fabrics made from materials like vinyl or Sunbrella that are specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.