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Winter is the best time to repair and improve the look of your boat. Ai Autoworks offers a full line of interior upholstery and flooring services for your marine vehicle. So whether you are looking to repair or replace cracked seats or add a layer of protection to your interior or exterior, Ai Autoworks is here to help.

Some investments just make a boat look better, and some are only for protection. But did you know you can do both at the same time? When you have Ceramic Pro applied to the many surfaces of your watercraft it takes on a new look, and it’s protected against the elements.

Ceramic Pro System Marine Ai Autoworks

Exterior Protection

Instead of leaving your boat in the garage or up on a lift at the dock for the winter, bring it to Ai Autoworks for repairs and any necessary replacements so that it can be ready for action as soon as the warm weather arrives. Consider adding a Ceramic Pro Marine coat of protection to the exterior of your boat. Ceramic Pro offers protection for both the underwater and above water parts of any boat or marine vehicle. This durable coating is resistant to solvents, UV rays, corrosion created by salt water, and harsh weather conditions. These services can help preserve your boat for years to come.

Interior Repair or Replacement

Boat interiors can face extreme weather conditions like sun and moisture that cause the upholstery to crack, erode, and even fade away. In fact, your boat’s interior and upholstery will usually be the first thing to fall apart, so maintaining your boat upholstery often will extend the years of enjoyment and worth of your marine vehicle. We offer Ceramic Pro for your interior to protect your surfaces from spills, moisture, and the sun. Protecting it early is a great way to save you money on costly replacements down the road.

AI Autoworks Boat Interior Seat Replacement If your interior is beyond saving, let us do the work of replacing it, and get it done this winter, not during the months when you want to have that boat on the water. Because replacement of boat upholstery can be physically hard, you can count on Ai AutoWorks to do the dirty work in a professional manner.

Your boat’s interior faces some of the worst possible extremes. Your carpet and seats soak up all of the UV rays the sun has to offer, and you can’t possibly get all of the water and sediment out of the carpet after each use. Over time they break down. We can help you preserve your boat and replace your interior to look brand new.

We’re confident in our boat work no matter the size or style. Let us freshen up your pontoon boat, toughen up the seats in your fishing boat, or make your speedboat shine. It won’t be long until summer is here. Make sure you’re ready for the lake.