Water Damage in Your Car - What to Do 1
Water Damage in Your Car - What to Do 2


Many people deal with water damage in their car. It’s not always a constant leak or any kind of outside issue, sometimes it can be as simple as a spilled drink. Either of these causes can leave stains and odors that make your vehicle a less pleasant place to be.



Water damage is more than just a nuisance. It can actually be dangerous if it isn’t addressed. Moisture that has time to linger in a warm environment turns into mold, and mold can cause irritation to your eyes and respiratory system, incite allergic reaction, infection, and further health complications.

Early stages of a mold problem are usually invisible, because moisture under the carpet or in the seat padding can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Once the smell kicks in to alert you of a problem you’re going to need to step up your attack plan.


As was mentioned earlier, there are a number of causes for water damage in your vehicle. Some of them could be caused by you, like spills, or some could be environmental, like a leaky window, seam, or sunroof. But there’s a third possibility too, and this one isn’t your fault or the weather’s fault. A leaking air conditioner can keep a steady source of water dripping into your vehicle without you noticing, meaning a brand new vehicle that is well sealed and protected from the Outside could even have this issue.


Troubleshooting water leaks in a vehicle can be challenging, as the entry point for the water may not be where the water is appearing on the inside of the vehicle. It may be necessary to remove interior trim panels to gain access to the vehicle’s body and see where the leak is originating from. If you can’t find it yourself, this is a job for professionals who can remove and replace panels correctly for a perfect fit after the repair to your leak.

At AI we know the issues and have the training, tools and products to repair the leak(s) in a fast and efficient manner. Our highly skilled technicians have the means to repair the water leak and remediate it’s aftermath of mold, mildew and wet carpets.


Again, this is a job best done by professionals. At home carpet shampooing can help on foot mats, but using a carpet cleaner of floor carpet or upholstery can just put more water under the surface and increase the issue. Commercial tools that are powerful enough to remove all of the moisture while cleaning are the best solution for cleaning your interior to remove the bad odors that come with water damage in your car.

Schedule an appointment to get a free estimate on water damage repair for your interior.

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