We spend a good amount of time in our cars which can add to wear and tear over time. Dirt can build up on the interior car seats and a hazy film can develop over our headlights. The exterior paint can lose that glossy shine. In addition to dirt, odors can develop and bacteria can grow in the ventilation system. This is why Ai AutoWorks has worked tirelessly to perfect a list of comprehensive auto detailing services to make your car like new.

That’s why we’re offering a $300 Detail Voucher for the price of $200 toward our luxury detailing packages and 50% off “Ozone Treatment (regularly $99) as our Black Friday Special. It’s going to make your vehicle look, feel, and smell like new, but it’s also a great way to disinfect your vehicles during cold, flu, and COVID season.

Automotive Car DetailingThere’s no better time to take advantage of our professional-grade equipment and expertise, because our interior/exterior detailing package isn’t just about making your paint shine and your seats smell good. Our gold package also includes services such as steam cleaning your seats to remove all of the deep-seeded dirt and bacteria, and ozone air treatment that disinfects your vent system, and all of the surfaces of the vehicle.

The seat cleaning is a multi-step process that starts with the surface and works down to the deepest foam. It begins with vacuuming away all of the solids, then spot treating surface stains. Once the surface is addressed we bring in the steam cleaner. This service does two things: its power allows it to pull dirt out of the deepest recesses of your seat foam, and its high temperatures disinfect to sanitize, killing bacteria and destroying troubling smells.

We’ve been using ozone machines to disinfect and neutralize odors in vehicles for many years. Now, in the age of COVID, it’s even more important to use powerful tools like this to keep your space clean and safe. Ozone treatment is the use of the gas ozone (O3) to treat odors, bacteria, and viruses. We place an ozone generator in your vehicle for a designated amount of time, depending on the strength of the odor. As the gas permeates your car, the odor is neutralized and bacteria and viruses are attacked. This technology will treat the surfaces of your vehicle as well as the entire ventilation system. This process, while not guaranteed, is highly effective in the removal of significant odors and bacteria.

In addition to making the interior of your vehicle clean again, we’re also taking care of the outside. We’ll freshen up all of your plastics, tires and rims, then we’ll decontaminate, polish, and seal your paint. We’ll even go under the hood to give your engine a much needed cleaning.

Purchase your $300 Detail Voucher for the price of $200 today in our online store at aiautoworks.com/store. Every vehicle should get this kind of treatment at least once each year.