ceramic coatingAt Ai AutoWorks, we offer specific protections for nearly every piece of your vehicle, inside and out. One of those protections, the one that probably protects the majority of your vehicle, is Ceramic Pro protective coating.

Keeping your vehicle washed regularly is important, but without the proper protection your vehicle’s surface is still dealing with environmental contaminants. Paint damage occurs through the air, rain, sediment, insects, tree sap, road debris, salt in the winter, or hard water. What if you could do something to protect your paint against all of these contaminants that would also make washing your vehicle much easier?

The Ceramic Pro product is the result of a chemical reaction that creates a thin, hard, invisible glass shield for your vehicle. The clear layer sits on the outside of your paint, protecting it from many forms of damage, and it can only be removed by abrasion. It can’t be washed off. The multi-layer application process also allows the vehicle owner to choose their level of protection. The Gold Package is a five-layer application process and it has a lifetime guarantee.

Ceramic Pro brings other advantages to the table. Texas heat is damaging to a car’s paint, and our dusty summers only make the damage worse. Ceramic Pro is weather and UV resistant, thermal resistant, and scratch resistant. This is a product that can protect your vehicle, brand new or classic car, for the rest of its days on the road.

With this glass shield around your vehicle, you now have a high gloss, hydrophobic finish that allows liquids to bead up and easily run off the surface of the vehicle. This makes washing your vehicle incredibly easy.

There are other ceramic coating products on the market, but not all ceramics are created equally! Ceramic Pro offers the most high quality ingredients in their product. And when it’s applied by a professional installer, you get the absolute best protection on the market.

Don’t discount the importance of professional experience and know-how. Having a certified professional do this job for you guarantees that the prep work will be done correctly before application, the product will be applied in the correct environment for the best possible application, and that you will get the best return on your dollars spent.

Ceramic Pro is an international product that has become the industry standard for protection, and Ai Autoworks is an authorized distributor and installer. Our technicians have been through extensive training from Ceramic Pro to ensure you get the best protection, durability, and shine for your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Austin Round Rock

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Austin Round Rock