Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

Exterior Bronze

The Bronze Exterior package is so much more than a regular car wash. Our technicians handwash your vehicle with the highest quality products to decontaminate your vehicle, degrease the windows, tires and wheels. The final window wash and wipedown leave your vehicle ready for daily driving or a weekend on 6th Street or out at Lake Travis.

After receiving the exterior bronze package your car will come out looking shiny and new! If you’re looking for a great value package to get your vehicle back into shape, this is the right package for you.

Package Includes:

  • Hand Car Wash and Wipe Down
  • Degrease and Shine on Wheels, Windows and Tires
  • Exterior Window Wash and Wipe Down

Exterior Silver

Exterior Silver is one of our most popular packages! This package is a great value for everyone, and it provides the additional detail work that other shops often overlook at this price. It includes a thorough hand wash and wax, exterior window cleaning, cleaning and degreasing of the rims and plastics, and cleaning and shine of the wheels and tires.

We’re Texas locals. We know that bugs are a big problem in Austin, so in the silver package we spend time doing bug removal as well as detailing. If you’re interested in protecting your car’s paint for the long haul, this detail package is a great starter before getting introduced to Ceramic Pro for long term paint protection.

After receiving the Exterior Silver detail package, you’ll be proud of the way your vehicle looks.

Package Includes:

  • Spot-free Hand Car Wash
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Degreasing on Plastics Surfaces, Rims and Door Jambs
  • Bug Removal
  • Wheel and Tires Detailing and Shine

Exterior Gold

Exterior Gold will get your vehicle looking as good as new, both on the outside and under the hood. This package is a fantastic value and great precursor to our Ceramic Pro package.

Exterior Gold starts with a thorough decontamination handwash, degreasing of the tires and plastics, and then we go under the hood for engine cleaning before we begin on the details.

This is where we focus on your vehicle’s paint. We’ll remove all of the oxidation with our clay bar and polish, really bringing out the shine of your car’s paint. Then we add a polymer protectant to keep your car shining bright.

Austin’s hot summer sun can really damage a vehicle’s paint. The gold package is a great option for remembering just how beautiful your vehicle can be.

Package Includes:

  • Decontamination Hand Wash
  • Clay bar and polish on exterior paint
  • Detail and Shine Wheels and Tires
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Engine cleaning and detailing
  • Polymer protectant on paint

Exterior Platinum

Exterior Platinum is the luxury package that was designed to make your car’s exterior shine like new.

Before we start the detailing, we wash the car with our swirl-free hand washing system. After that we degrease the tires, rims and plastics. Then we get to the fun part.

Every inch of the vehicle is detailed, including the door jams and rims. Then all remaining oxidation is removed through a process of clay bar and polishing. Next, we move on to our machine-level compounding and add two layers of polish. This removes minor scratches and achieves the ultimate level of shine for your vehicle’s paint.

If you’re interested in any of our Ceramic Pro paint protection packages, it’s highly recommended to start with Exterior Platinum. It’s the perfect prep to get your car in tip-top condition and ready for an additional layer of paint protection to keep its beauty for the long haul.

Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other or University of Texas grad? Let us help you give them the perfect gift with Exterior Platinum.

Package Includes:

  • Clay bar and polish on exterior paint
  • Detail and Shine Wheels and Tires
  • Machine Level Compounding
  • Exterior Window Cleaning and Wash
  • Engine cleaning and detailing
  • 2 Layers of Polymer protectant on paint
  • Full Shine and Detail of Tires and Wheels

Package to Fit Every Need

Hand Wash Exterior
Degrease Wheels and Tires
Clean Exterior Windows
Dress Tires
Express Wax and Hand Dry
Bug Removal
Clean Door Jams
Dress Exterior Plastic Trim
Clay Bar Decontamination
Engine Degrease and Dress
Machine Polish to remove oxidation and bring out shine
Polymer Paint Protectant (1 month protection)
Detail Wheels & Detail Door Jams
Machine applied leveling compound to remove minor paint imperfections

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